Dometic Titan Chiller’s Titanium Condenser Stands Up to Harsh Conditions, Beta Test Shows

Open-water testing on a 75-foot Hatteras yacht shows that the Titan’s new condenser tubes, made of titanium, can withstand routine maintenance far better than cupronickel

Pompano Beach, Fla., – Oct. 20, 2015Dometic Marine, a division of Dometic Group, a global provider of leisure products for the marine, truck, RV and automotive markets, today announced the release of a recent beta test for the Dometic Titan Chiller with new titanium tube condenser. The four-month test, on the 88-foot Hatteras yacht Esprit D’IV in the Chesapeake Bay, showed that the new titanium condenser stands up to frequent harsh cleaning and high water velocity far better than traditional condenser metals.

Debris from invasive marine life has been increasing considerably in recent years, causing serious issues with the Hatteras’ chillers. Dometic studied this problem extensively and found that the common methods used to battle it, such as acid cleaning and higher water velocity, were detrimental to cupronickel tubing. Therefore, Dometic developed the Titan Chiller which uses titanium tubes that can easily withstand these cleaning methods.

“Until now, the problem has been that chiller condensers – made of a softer metal called cupronickel –simply couldn’t stand up to the acid cleaning and high water velocity needed to keep the invasive marine life out of the chiller’s plumbing,” said Charlie A. Barefoot, Jr., Vice President of Engineering and Technical Support at Dometic. “This is why we built the Titan Chiller with a condenser made of industrial-grade titanium. It’s a very strong material that does not erode the way cupronickel does.”

Over the last few years, the Hatteras, which spends winters in Florida and summers in the Chesapeake Bay area, experienced particularly severe erosion and corrosion in its chiller condensers resulting from extensive debris picked up in southern as well as mid-Atlantic waters. Frequent cleaning of the tubes with acid-based solutions was rapidly eroding the condensers.

The Dometic engineering team installed three Titan Chillers, with titanium condensers, on the vessel. Four months of beta testing showed that the Titan:

  • Withstands Acid Cleaning: Titanium condenser tubes can be cleaned as often as needed with solutions such as muriatic acid, with no erosion or corrosion of the unit, as is seen with cupronickel.
  • Allows for Greater Water Velocity: The titanium condenser can cope with more than five times greater water velocity than cupronickel, which erodes easily. The rapid water flow keeps the coils free of debris and keeps the chiller running optimally.

Miller Bundy, captain of the Hatteras, is pleased with the results of the Titan Chiller beta testing. “We want a unit that will last for several years without failing. Dometic has shown us that with the Titan and its titanium condenser, we can clean our condenser tubes as often as we need to, and increase water velocity, without worrying about damaging the equipment.”

Ned Trigg, Executive Vice President at Dometic Marine, added: “With the Titan, Dometic engineers set out to create a chiller for yachts that is as robust as those used on commercial and military vessels. With its new patent-pending titanium condenser, the Titan now sets the standard for corrosion-resistant design.”

Attendees at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, which will be held Nov. 5-9, will be able to see an example of the new Dometic Titan Chiller with titanium condenser at Yachting Tent 729-730.

The Titan Chiller is covered under a Dometic five-year manufacturer’s warranty. To view a video of the Titan Chiller, click .

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